A Detailed Guide To Setup Professional Company In UAE Mainland

Overview of Mainland Professional sole Establishment and Civil Company Formation in United Arab Emirates

Professional companies are those whose activities are considered as professional services. Following are the main points to be understood in order to setup UAE mainland professional license.

  • A professional company is a firm whose performance stems from the intellectual efforts and capacity of the partners. For instance, a law firm is a professional company, since their activities rely on the academic qualifications and the experience of its lawyers.
  • To ensure that UAE companies remain professional, the government requires that all shareholders have educational qualifications and follow the right procedures on company formation in Dubai and all other Emirates.
  • The UAE remains popular among foreign investors. Multinational services companies have opened branches in Dubai and other emirates in the UAE to enhance their international clientele.
  • Nonetheless, the emirate has exclusive rules that guide the conduct of companies. For instance, professional service providers can only apply for specific trade licenses. Also, the government monitors the service providers’ marketing tools such as websites and advertisements content to ensure compliance with the cultural and professional conduct.
  • Some of the professional trade licenses necessitate the attainment of additional qualifications and examinations.
  • It can be 100% owned by expatriate shareholders.
  • A UAE national is required as a service agent.
  • UAE national does not hold any share in the company.
  • As a service agent, the UAE national receives fixed annual charges.
  • There is no minimum share capital requirement.
  • A degree, experience, and relevant certificates for shareholders are mandatory.
  • For more than one shareholder, the professional companies can be formed and it is designated as civil company.
  • Renting office or shop is mandatory to setup mainland professional company in Dubai or any other Emirate. However in Dubai, recently Government has allowed to register mainland professional company on desk facility (Sustainability Centers).
  • Some of the fields in professional companies include; management consultancy, IT consultancy, administrative services, legal consultancy, accountancy services, educational services. To obtain consultancy professional license in Dubai Mainland, it is mandatory to pass an exam.
  • The share holder of the mainland professional company is eligible to get residence visa valid for 3 years and can also sponsor family members subject to fulfilling documents requirements.
  • Any number of employees can be recruited in LLC subject to fulfilling requirements from Labour department.
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