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Tax Residency Certificate

A Tax Residency Certificate in the UAE is one of the official documents issued by the Ministry of Finance. UAE has signed the treaties with 55 countries to avoid the double taxation. Tax residency certificate confirming the tax residence of a company or individual person in a given country. It will help to avoid the double taxation for foreign investors; companies form other taxable jurisdictions. The certificate issues for the company those who already registered in the UAE or individual person who has the residency visa.

An individual person is resident in UAE for more than 180 days is eligible to receive the tax residency certificate. UAE Companies can fully utilize the advantage of double taxation with UAE has signed Double Tax Treaties for large number of countries across the world. It’s a bilateral agreement to protect the interest of foreign investors and companies coming from other taxable jurisdictions. Offshore companies can’t receive the tax residency certificate in UAE because offshore companies are not listed with the Tax treaties. Offshore companies can obtain the tax exemptions certificate instead of Tax residency certificate. It only allows the companies to tax exempt in UAE.

There are some procedures for apply the tax residency certificate in UAE. It may take minimum 2 months to obtain the certificate once submitted the necessary documents together with the application. To apply the TRC, the company must be minimum three years existence in UAE.

Documents required for companies

  • All company documents
  • Request letter from the company.
  • Shareholder passport copy, visa page , ID copy
  • Audited financial statements
  • 6 months bank statements
  • Tenancy contact copy and EJARI
  • Government fees will be approximately AED: 5,000.00

Documents required for individuals

  • Passport copy and visa page, Emirates ID
  • Tenancy contact and EJARI
  • Source of income / Salary certificate
  • 6 months bank statements
  • Immigration report state that, the person is stayed in Dubai number of days in UAE
  • Government fees will be approximately AED: 2,000.00