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Bookkeeping Services In Dubai

Launching a start-up in need of small business bookkeeping services in Dubai or already running an established business? It’s best to outsource accounting services in Dubai for a convenient bookkeeping solution. No need to hire accountants in-house. We can provide you with easy access to qualified, seasoned bookkeepers and accounting professionals.

Our range of business bookkeeping services provides a cost-efficient option preferred even by more established businesses with an in-house bookkeeper. Our team of professionals can work with well-known software programs like QuickBooks, Peachtree, Tally and other popular accounting applications.

Our Bookkeeping Services Include

Accurate accounting of inventory can make all the difference between an entity reporting a profit or incurring a loss.”
“Periodic physical review of inventory helps identify variances between physical and book quantities and assists in evaluating internal control on movement, accounting and safeguarding of inventory. It also provides assurances to principals and business owners that the inventory reflected in the accounting records does not materially vary from the physical quantities. It can act as a deterrent against theft, damage and unauthorised write-offs.”
We can assist with inventory verification at regular intervals. Inventory verification includes amongst other things appropriate marking of physically verified stocks, identification of damaged and slow moving or obsolete items

EquityTrust Project Management Services assists in all types of accounting, bookkeeping, value added tax (VAT) related advise and VAT return filing, issues related to Federal Tax Authority (FTA), Economic Substance Regulation (ESR) related matters, monthly account related reporting to management (MIS), payroll services, excise and custom related claims and high quality outsourced CFO services through our team of experienced chartered accountants. We have attractive customized monthly accounting packages.