Customer Grievance Policy


Customer Grievance Policy

Please call direct Grievance help line on +971 55 694 3938 or email on to register your grievances. Please be informed that an employee receiving the grievance is only receiving and registering it. He / she will not be able to resolve / reply on grievance on the spot.

Primary goals to setup an effective customer grievance mechanism?

  • To solve problems early at the lowest level before they become deep seated issues with wider damages.
  • To provide structure for raising, addressing and resolving issues that will help reducing any imbalances.
  • To Promote a more stable business climate for clients that reduces risk and enhances accountability.
  • To get insight to train operation and advisory staff to provide exceptional customer services.
  • To open channels for effective communication with clients for problem resolution.
  • To demonstrate that a EquityTrust Project Management Services is concerned about genuine concerns from clients.
  • To mitigate or prevent adverse impacts on clients caused by any problems.
  • To assess the root cause for the problem and figure out appropriate resolution in consultation with clients.
  • To promote productive relationship with clients.
  • To elevate the trust and respect for clients, employees of EquityTrust Project Management Services and EquityTrust Project Management Services brand thus creating social acceptance for Brand EquityTrust Project Management Services.
  • Customer grievances and procedures adopted to resolve the issue will provide brand EquityTrust Project Management Services to frame an effective policies and management systems to achieve exceptional client satisfaction and making sure similar problem do not occur again by an improved operations, reduced risk and supportive relationship with clients.
  • Ongoing monitoring of Grievance mechanism system.

The procedure adopted to resolve grievances are as follows

  • Recording and documenting the complaints.
  • Assessment of validity of any complaint by using internal resources and involvement of client.
  • Informing about the issue to company’s higher management.
  • Addressing grievance promptly using an understandable approach.
  • Ensure full participation of client and company employees in assessment, investigation and resolution.
  • Take in to consideration customary and traditional methods of amicable dispute resolution.
  • Record the resolution provided to any grievance.
  • Approach adopted will be to ensure that resolution can be achieved in fastest way possible either as a whole or in stages prioritizing concerns and needs.